S.M.A.R.T. Selling Process

Start Body Profile

Never compromise your sleep again

  1. Grab a pillow and tap the “start” button to begin the profile. Let the consumer know the mattress will move as bed adjusts. You are good if the body in the middle of screen is rotating.
  2. There will be an informative Smartlife Video playing for two-minutes while mapping. This gives you a moment to prepare for the sale and give the consumer some privacy.
  3. Thousands of algorithms will find the right fit while the consumer watches the Smartlife video.

Map & Measure

1000’s of patented algorithms scientifically map and measure each consumer’s unique profile

  1. Live pressure mapping readings will automatically adjust to each individual’s unique height, weight and shape. Do you experience any pain in your shoulders and hips or toss and turn on your current mattress at home?
  2. Once the SmartLife video finishes, be there for the unveiling of the mattress now fit to the consumer by molding to their body. Ask the consumer if they can feel the difference from the starting position. This will demonstrate a problem and then a solution.

Adjust Your Comfort

Personal comfort choices 1- 9

  1. Keeping the consumer in their unique mold & fit, the comfort can be customized. The demo will always start the consumer at a 3
  2. We then want to show the comfort feels from 3 to 9, our firmest setting to 1, our softest for this mattress.
  3. To achieve this, tap the desired number on the comfort scale and tap start. Comfort setting will be reached once it reads start under the comfort number.

Relaxation Mode

Gentle relaxing wave motion

  1. The relaxation mode will give the consumer a gentle wave mimicking the feel of floating in water.
  2. To activate, go to Settings on the At-Home app, and tap on the wind icon at the bottom left corner

Take it to Zero Gravity

Maximize comfort with an adjustable base

  1. While in relaxation mode let the consumer know that you will now take the adjustable base to zero gravity for weightless, massaged and customized sleep position.

 S.M.A.R.T. Role Play Video