Q. How to use SmartLife mattress?
A: The SmartLife mattresses control system inflates and/or deflates the smart cells and must be connected to AC 110V/120V. You can control the system via two wired remotes (Right, Left) and a smart phone or tablet. For wireless control please install the SmartLife app on your mobile device or tablet.

Q. Where can I find the SmartLife app?
A: Search ‘King Koil Smart Life’ via App Store or the Google Play Store. If the app will not install, check the operating system (Android, iOS), version, and model of your mobile phone to make sure everything is up to date. The SmartLife app can be used on iOS XX, Android XX or higher version, and may be restricted on some models even if a higher version of the operating system is used.

Q. Can’t connect to my smart phone or tablet.
A: While the app is running, if the AC power cord is unplugged, the Bluetooth connection will be disconnected.
- After checking the power cord connection, turn off the app and run it again to check the
Bluetooth connection.
- If you run the app while Bluetooth on the phone is turned off, a message to turn Bluetooth on
appears. After enabling Bluetooth on your phone, run the app again.
- If the phone is taken too far from the product after the app is run, it will be disconnected from
the product.
- Run the app again after entering the operating range.

Q. My SmartLife mattress is not working?
A: 1. Make sure power cord is connected correctly.
2. Unplug the power cord and plug it back in to reset the electrical components

Q. SmartLife mattress will not inflate 5 minutes after (pump operation)?
A: If the Smart Cells are damaged and the air cannot reach the reference pressure, please contact customer service.

Q. Is there sound while using the SmartLife mattress?
A: SmartLife’s automatic Body Sensing Technology does have a whisper quite sound that can occur during normal operation. There are certain “normal” noises associated with the Smartlife mattress when adjusting comfort level and/or engaging the relaxation mode. This is due to the Smart Cells inflating and/or deflating.

Q. Are harmful substances emitted from the mattress?
A: Independent testing has determined there are no harmful substances emitted.

Q. What is SmartLife Body Sensing Technology?
A: SmartLife’s body sensing technology was developed by taking 1,000’s of measurements of people with varying body types to create the best algorithms for support and sleep posture while providing superb pressure relief to the body simultaneously.

Q. How is sleep quality management measured?
A: A function of formulating the frequency of movement and storing the information in the main control unit. This information evaluates the difference between --- deep sleep, low sleep, and tossing and turning. Sleep data is stored for 60 days, 60 months, and 5 years of cumulative days.

Q. What is self-diagnosis?
A: As the air pressure is changed even by atmospheric pressure regardless of the problem in air cells, it is an operation of inflating air if the air pressure is not sufficient by checking the current air pressure compared to the set air pressure when there is no one once a day according to the time set in the app or the remote controller. It does not work when a person is lying down (It works at the set time on the following day). If you feel that it is continuously deflated, contact our customer center.

Q. Can I use an electric heating pad on my mattress?
A: It is not recommended to use an electric pad together. Prolonged exposure to direct heat can damage the material.

Q. Does the mattress have radiation?
A: SmartLife mattress has been tested for compliance of electromagnetic radiation with the UL and the FCC regulations and are safe to use.

Q. Can I flip or rotate my SmartLife mattress?
A: No. The SmartLife mattress is constructed to use on one specific side and one direction.

Q. I only see only the SmartLife logo on the remote control and cannot enter the MENU.
A: When you first plug in the power, the LCD window will only show the SmartLife logo while adjusting the pressure. When pressure is achieved the remote control will display the MENU.

Q. The remote control does not work.
A: If nothing happens when you press the button on the remote control, check the terminal connection by loosening the middle connection terminal and reconnecting. If it still does not work, turn off the AC power terminal and turn it on again.

Q. Can I sleep in the middle of the SmartLife mattress?
A: The SmartLife mattress smart cells operate independently on the right and the left side. If you desire to sleep in the middle of the mattress you will want to ensure you have both sides set to the same desired firmness. Ideally it is better to sleep on one side or the other.

Q: What happens if the loaded video doesn’t play or freezes?
A: 1) Restart the app – swipe up from the bottom of the tablet screen
Press 3 vertical line icon to the bottom left. This should show small squares of opened apps. Look for SmartLife app and swipe the icon up to close the app.
Open app from home screen. Check to see if the video will play by clicking START button

Or 2) Restart Tablet – press and hold power button at the top left and power down Start app

Or 3) Check to see if video needs to be re-uploaded under the app’s settings. If screen shot of the video is not seen under Auto Video section of setting, reupload the video.

Q: What is the difference between the initial Calibration Process & relaxation mode?
A: While a consumer is laying on the mattress, press the blue start button on the app. This will launch the video, and the mattress will calibrate. At the end of the video, the mattress will calibrate to the comfort level of #5. Based on the consumer’s body shape & size, you may see reds and oranges on the pressure reading screen. The mattress is now ready to be adjusted for the consumer by either taking them through the relaxation mode or firmness level options.

From here, you can take the consumer through relaxation mode via the tethered remote or through the tablet.

If through remote, press menu button until you see relaxation mode. Press up and down arrows to toggle between 5, 10, 20, 30 minute mode options. Press start once you have chosen a time length.

If through the app on the tablet, tap the green app button at the bottom right. Go to the controls icon at the bottom (2nd icon). Tap the green wave icon at the lower right.

To adjust firmness level options, through the remote, select menu until you see firmness options. Press up or down arrows to desired comfort choice. Once you have selected a number, press the start button. Firmness choice is completed once the spinning circles icon stops and turns into the designated firmness level. Upon completion and about a 3-4 second delay, the screen will show the new pressure readings of the person laying down.

Q: What happens when the tablet no longer is connected to the TV?
A: 1. On the tablet, take your finger and swipe down (from the top of the screen) two times which will bring the Samsung menu.
2. In the same spot swipe down again which will bring a sub menu down.
3. In the sub menu you will need to find the icon that says Samsung TV ( it’s the second row down , second to the last icon) push that icon to disconnect.
4. That icon will now say “smart view”. Press the icon again which will bring you to the mirroring screen.
5. Here you will need to identify the TV you are using (Samsung 43”). Press the icon and the tablet will reconnect with the TV.

Q: What do to do when the Relaxation mode will not turn off?
A: 1. If the demo video is not allowed to run completely through or is interrupted by hitting the “END” button, the relaxation mode will not turn off.
2. To fix this you will need to unplug the SL mattress for roughly 15sec to reset it. From there you can start the video demo again.
3. Make sure there is no one on the mattress while doing the reset.

Q: What happens when real time pressure mapping has not reset?
A: 1. After every demo you need to press the “Reset” button in the top right corner of the app. This will reset the program to the default settings and will be ready to use for the next guest.
2.Make sure that no one is laying or sitting on the mattress at the time of the reset.